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It's Futchi not Footy!
The new fun football craze

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Whats in the box?

Your FUTCHI_rebounder™ comes packaged with the following parts along with a practical transport bag.

(1) 4 Cam straps 150 cm/4.92 ft 4 Straps 150 cm/4.92 ft

(2) 2 Poles (six parts)

(3) 2 Pole screwes

(4) 6 Pegs

(5) 2 Ground plates

(6) 4 Court anchors

(7) 1 Game court with holder

(8) 1 Net (with carbiners and mini cam buckles)

(9) 1 Bag

Full kit contents


Is the revolutionary game system that combines up-to-date technology with an innovative sporting experience. Feel the smooth rebound optimized for playing the new sport of FUTCHI®.

Get ready for an ultra fun experience and rapid ball skill development. FUTCHI rebounder™ is made to withstand tough handling and all weather conditions.

Together with the FUTCHI_app™ you can connect, share and compete with friends, family and players around the globe.

How to install FUTCHI™

  1. Assemble the pole screws on the top of each pole. Make sure you have one washer on each side of the pole.
  2. Assemble the poles. Three segments per pole.
  3. There are eight 150 cm long straps. Assemble them two and two so you have four straps that can be adjustable in length.
  4. Use the game court holder to mark out the distance between the two ground plates. Start from the center of one of the ground plates.
  5. Use the game court holder to mark out the position for two ground stakes. One on each side of the ground plate. The ground stakes should be placed 45 degrees towards to ground plate. Leave 5cm of the ground stakes visible. Repeat on the other side. Then fasten the ground stakes that go in front of the net, one on each side.
  6. Hang two of the mounted straps on the pole and attach the Futchi net. Repeat on the other pole.
  7. Attach the straps to the ground pegs 
WARNING! Do not tighten too hard until both poles are up and straight.
  8. Place the pole in the ground plate and attach the straps to the pegs. Repeat on the other side. Tighten the side straps equally, then tighten the straps in the front.
  9. Unravel the game court from the holder and anchor the corners without black tejp in front of the net.
  10. Stretch out the court and secure the game court in all corners. Verify that all pegs and court anchors are fully anchored in the ground.
Playing Futchi on a court

How to play duel_FUTCHI™


  • When serving the ball both players should be behind the rear court line.
  • The ball may bounce once before the other player returns the ball against the net. The ball can also be hit before it touches the ground.
  • The grey area marks where the ball is out of play. If the ball bounces on the line it is still in play. No hands or arms allowed.
  • Every time your opponent misses, the ball bounces twice or the ball rebounds outside you get one point. First player to get 5 points wins the game!
Playing Futchi in the park

How to play round_FUTCHI™


  • Players line up youngest to oldest. The youngest player gets the first serve. Players must remain in this order for the remainder of the match. On the serve, the ball must hit the Futchi Net and bounce once within the court boundary before it is returned.
  • On all other plays, players can volley (hit the ball out of the air) or wait until the ball has bounced. Players take turns hitting the ball, in the order of the original line, and have only one touch to hit it back.
  • The ball remains in play until it lands outside the game court, bounces, twice, misses the Futchi Net, or if there is outside interference When the ball goes out of play, the player at fault loses 1 life.
  • When 2 players remain, the final players play a best of 3 match, rotating serves after each play.